Code Description Constant
511 Your username or password is incorrect AUTHENTICATION_FAILED
400 The server cannot or will not process the request due to something that is perceived to be a client error BAD_REQUEST
571 Today's Subscriber Billing maximum reached BILLING_CAP_DAILY
573 Monthly Subscriber Billing maximum reached BILLING_CAP_MONTHLY
570 Periodic Subscriber Billing maximum reached (period as defined per service) BILLING_CAP_PERIODIC
574 MTN has limit for maximum tried and fail attempts BILLING_CAP_QUOTA
572 Weekly Subscriber Billing maximum reached BILLING_CAP_WEEKLY
579 User Offline, Content delivery failed. Rolling back billing! BILLING_ROLLBACK
519 The destination number has been blacklisted from this service BLACKLIST
599 Message cancelled CANCELLED
526 No longer used CANNOT_SEND_REPLY
524 Failed to connect to the upstream gateway CONNECTION_ERROR
534 Credit limited exceeded. Message delivery failed. CREDIT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED
501 Failed to deliver to the network DELIVERY_FAILED
538 Invalid Destination (MSISDN) DESTINATION_INVALID
540 DOI Confirmed by user DOI_CONFIRMED
544 DOI Declined by user DOI_DECLINED
541 Message delayed while waiting for DOI DOI_MESSAGE_DELAYED
542 Message rejected due to DOI DOI_MESSAGE_REJECTED
543 DOI Unconfirmed / Awaiting user action DOI_UNCONFIRMED
513 Looks like we have seen this message before. Check refererences. DUPLICATE_REFERENCE
520 The filter attached to that destination rejected the message FILTER_REJECT
403 The client does not have access rights to the content; that is, it is unauthorized, so the server is refusing to give the requested resource. FORBIDDEN
500 Generic failure GENERIC_FAILURE
523 The recipient had insufficient credit in their prepaid SIM INSUFFICIENT_CREDIT
533 Oops, something went wrong internally to the SRS. INTERNAL_ERROR
555 Previous delivery failed, retrying INTERNAL_RETRY
521 Searching for your reference found no matching message INVALID_REFERENCE
525 Some values were invalidly formed INVALID_VALUE
630 Message has been manipulated MANIPULATED
531 You have to deliver something. You cannot send an empty message. MESSAGE_BLANK
536 Message has been temporarily delayed. MESSAGE_DELAYED
503 The message has expired past its timeout within the carrier MESSAGE_EXPIRED
527 This message has been manually resent MESSAGE_REQUEUED
504 The message has expired past its timeout within the gateway MESSAGE_TIMEOUT
530 The MMS message you are sending is too large MESSAGE_TOO_LARGE
401 Authenticating using header enrichment without a local 3G network MISSING_CREDENTIALS
610 Missing required KEYWORD parametered. Message delivery failed. MISSING_KEYWORD
539 MSISDN was recycled since subscription date. MSISDN_RECYCLCED
1030 Message received and enqueued on Network side but not delivered to handset NETWORK_QUEUE_STAGE0
1031 Message received and enqueued on Network side but not yet delivered to handset NETWORK_QUEUE_STAGE1
0 Message is Ok (so far) NONE
404 The client can not find the resource. NOT_FOUND
514 We don't seem to have anybody to send the message to NO_RECIPIENT
522 We got no possitive or negative response from the carriers so cannot resend NULL_RESPONSE
1021 Connection does not support OBS OBS_NOT_SUPPORTED
535 Source address (ORIGINATOR) is not valid. ORIGINATOR_INVALID
506 The gateway misunderstand what you wanted. Check your XML. PARSER_FAILED
640 Message has been partitioned PARTITIONED
517 We tried and tried but couldn't get the message out to the networks PERMANENT_DELIVERY_FAILURE
581 Network Product code invalid PRODUCT_INVALID
580 Network Product code not defined PRODUCT_UNDEFINED
515 Generic failure to send the message out of the queues QUEUED_DELIVERY_FAILED
516 The queue was stopped and the message was killed QUEUED_STOPPED
528 No more trying, we give up. QUEUE_OBS_FAILED
1000 Initial Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGE0
1001 First Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGE1
1002 Second Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGE2
1003 Third Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGE3
1004 Fourth Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGE4
1005 Fifth Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGE5
1011 Unknown Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGEF
1010 Unknown Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGEX
1009 Unknown Stage of OBS Billing QUEUE_OBS_STAGEY
512 Your username or password is incorrect in a reply message REAUTHENTICATION_FAILED
1 Message has been acknowledged by the receiving handset RECEIPTED_ACK
550 Message accepted but not delivered to the handset. RECEIPTED_NACK
537 Failed! System busy. Retry later. RETRY_LATER
502 Failed to find a route internally to the system ROUTER_FAILED
590 Failed to send the message out. SEND_FAILED
529 The gateway server rejected the message permanently SERVER_REJECTED_MESSAGE
518 Its never a good idea to send message to the sender SOURCE_EQUALS_DESTINATION
564 Subscriber already exists SUBSCRIBER_EXISTS
565 Subscriber Inactive SUBSCRIBER_INACTIVE
561 Subscriber is Not subscribed to the service SUBSCRIBER_INVALID
566 Unsubscription Pending SUBSCRIBER_PENDING
560 Subscriber is temporarily unavailable (suspended by network) SUBSCRIBER_SUSPENDED
563 Subscriber Unconfirmed SUBSCRIBER_UNCONFIRMED
562 Invalid Token! Subscriber/WASP declined, suspended or cancelled token. (Recommendation: Cancel Subscription!) SUBSCRIBER_UNSUBSCRIBED
611 Unknown Keyword. Keyword was provided, but doesn't appear to be provisioned. Message delivery failed UNKNOWN_KEYWORD